Saturday, January 06, 2007


Christian pop music has few names as recognizable as that of Michael W. Smith. He got his big break back in the day as Amy Grant's keyboard player. Since then he has recorded an impressive catologue of records that speak of day to day life from a Christian perspective. He has enjoyed success in the mainstream market with hits such as "Place in this World". He has shown himself to be a worship leader in more recent years.

Smith's new album is entitled "Stand". More than one reviewer has given this album less than favorable reviews whether it be for simple lyrics, or a 'rushed feel' to it. Apparently Smith only had forty days to complete it. He had been busy working on his movie "The Second Chance" so the story goes.

This album is part pop album, part worship album, and that may frustrate some listeners. Overall though after a couple listens thru i feel it works for me. There are a fair number of catchy tunes including the outreach numbers "Come to the Cross" and "Be Lifted High". The core of the album though is tracks 6-9 where the theme is no question that of God's grace. Included is a cover of part of Keith Green's classic "Oh Lord You're Beautiful" and part of a Hillsong's number "The Stand".

Other notable tracks include "How to Say Goodbye" co-written by Amy Grant, and "Escape your love" a love song complete with harmonica that may remind some listeners of the old secular tune "That's what friends are for".

While "Stand" does not feature Smith's most creative work of his career, it does seem to me like a sincere album and worth checking out, if you haven't already.
On a completely different note, here is my review of the movie "Dirty Love". Yes, it's one of those dvd's you can get in the $6.88 bin at Walmart! It stars Jenny McCarthy (she also wrote the movie) as a lady who walks in on her partner cheating and has to go on from there. She searches for love thruout the movie, aided by her friends including one played by Carmen Electra. Electra's character is very street in this movie, and very foul-mouthed just to warn you. The movie as a whole, especially the first 40 minutes is quite rough which is unfortunate because as it picks up there is a lot of great comedy, and their is a touching ending of sorts, though not built up as much as it could have been. One likeable character in the movie is played by Eddie Kaye Thomas, who plays Finch in the American Pie movies. I thought his character portrayal in "Dirty Love" was quite good. In conclusion, this is definitely not a family movie.

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