Monday, January 08, 2007


The Newsboys are no strangers to the world of Christian rock. They are a veteran band that has survived numerous member changes. Their latest project "Go" will be the last album to showcase the talents of bassist Phil Joel, who has been with the band for many years. He is leaving to pursue other interests and spend time with his family.

"Go" is an album full of fun dancy, pop beats that will keep your toes tapping. Heck, even Lauretta was bouncing around to it the other night when i had it on in the kitchen area. Sorry, no video of that!

Evangelism is the theme of the track "The Mission". Praise is directed to God on "In Wonder" and "I am Free". Lyrically, once again the boys are aided by Steve Taylor, who is witty and packs a lot of truth in a few words. Check out these words from "Secret Kingdom" for example: "This here comes in/Like brick to glass/Like grace to sin/Gonna kick down walls like West Berlin/Shout an amen/Hug it out, then/This here's gonna light a fire/Gonna pink slip preaching to the choir/Gonna send us hobbits outta the shire/Here's the theme song/Get your ring on/That there's still propagating waiting on a rooftop/Our journey's just begun/".

Particularly catchy is track 7 "Your love is better than life" which is kind of clubbish i would say. And if you want to hear something unique, hear the boys sample Evie on the last track! You've not heard anything like it.

All in all, this one's a winner and the Newsboys show no sign of slowing down, though touring as a foursome now.
Lauretta and I watched "Dreamer" on the weekend. This one stars Kurt Russell and Dakoda Fanning. It is the story of a down and out injured horse and its' journey to wellness. It is also the story of the bond between people and horses. This movie is quite clean, and could just as well have been put out by Disney. I particularly enjoyed Kris Kristofferson's character. He was solid in this movie, as a long-time horse-owner, father, and grandfather. I have no problems giving this flick a 85 percent, though slow in spots.