Thursday, July 14, 2016


Jeremy Thomas Camp was born on January 12, 1978 in Lafayette, Indiana.  He is a pastor’s kid.  RESTORED was his third major label release (2004, BEC).  It was nominated for a Dove Award for Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year.

‘Restored’ is one of ten tracks that Jeremy wrote alone and one of three on which his wife Adrienne sings background vocals.  On this title track, Jeremy testifies: “And I feel it/My heart is being mended by Your touch/And I hear it/Your voice that’s shown my purpose in this world/You have restored me from my feeble and broken soul/You have restored me”.  ‘Take You Back’ was the album’s first radio single and was a #1 hit.  It is an adult contemporary ballad that speaks of God’s faithfulness to us: “When I fall I bring Your Name down/But I have found in You a heart that bleeds forgiveness/Replacing all these thoughts of painful memories/But I know Your response will always be/I’ll take you back always/Even when the fight is over now (2X)/I’ll take you back always/Even when the pain is coming through (2X)/ I’ll take you back”.

‘Even When’ features strings arranged and conducted by Brandon Roberts and is another testimonial: “You took this fading heart and softened every part/I’ll rest in light of what You’ve promised to me/Even when I wrote my life away, You still receive me (2X)”.  Camp co-wrote ‘Lay Down My Pride’ with Jean-Luc Lajoie of Canadian band The Kry.  It was nominated for ‘Rock Recorded Song of the Year’ at the Dove Awards.  Aaron Sprinkle plays electric guitar on this song about submitting to Jesus Christ: “The cross, the blood You shed for me/Your back was ripped and bruised so I can know Your love/I kneel, I bow to You my King/I lay down my pride, my desires, my demise/I’m ready now to see it Your way/I’m done, I’m through ignoring You/Now it’s true/I’m kneeling at the cross of Your grace/Lay down my pride”.

‘My Desire’ is a song that offers one’s life completely to Christ: “All my life I have seen where You’ve taken me/Beyond all I have hoped and there’s more left unseen/There’s not much I can do to repay all You’ve done/So I give my hands to use/This is my desire, this is my return/This is my desire to be used by You”.  Zach Hodges plays piano on ‘Be the One’, a song about waiting for God’s timing: “And all these dreams I’ve made/I take them all and lay them down in light of reasons I have found now/And I can rest in knowing You will open every door instead of forcing my own world now/I’d rather wait on You/You’ll be the One to call me out/I have found that it’s the only way/You’ll be the One to call me out/I have found that it’s the only way”.

Andy Dodd plays electric guitar on the adult rock song ‘Everytime’.  It confirms God is always ready to help us: “Everytime I’m on my knees pleading for Your strength/I will find You there, find You there/Everytime I’m on my knees reaching for Your strength/I will find You there, find You there”.  ‘Letting Go’ is about full commitment to Christ: “I have been brought to a place/Where I want to give up everything/Where all I can do is seek Your face/And my brokenness I will bring/Letting go of the things I hold so dear/Letting go of all my pain and all my fears/Letting go of the things I hold so dear/Letting go of all my pain and all my fears”.

‘Breathe’ is a good rock song co-written with Adam Watts.  It contains these words we would all do well to utter: “I won’t hesitate to call when I’m empty from within and I know the only source of life are the very words You give/You formed me before I was known and I was made Your own now/Breathe in me/Breathe the breath of life/It’s more than I can see/Breathe in me/Breathe the breath of life/It’s more than I can see”.  ‘This Man’ is a lovely adult contemporary ballad and was a #1 hit.  It is certainly thought provoking: “The blood and water flowed/And in it all He showed just how much He cared.../Would you take the place of this Man?/Would you take the nails from His hands?”

‘Innocence’ finds Jeremy conversing with the Lord: “Lord, I feel You drawing my heart into Your love/I can hear Your Voice is pleading/I can see You molding the shape of purity/I am what You’ve laid before me/Here my soul is yielding/As I fall down/I give all these weak hands have forsaken/As I fall down before You I know I’ve been broken”.  Cameron Stone plays cello and Nic Rodriguez bass on the adult contemporary ballad ‘Nothing Else I Need’, which speaks of how God truly meets our needs: “When I think of all I’ve seen/Nothing compares to what You give/And to drink of what You bring/You quench the thirst for me to live/I am satisfied by what tenderness You’ve shown to me/And I empty all that I am/And You fill my life/You’re everything to me”.

The lyrical theme of RESTORED is that of completely surrendering one’s life to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Of course, this is a noble goal, which one can spend a lifetime pursuing.  This is not one of the stronger albums in Jeremy’s catalogue though.  Why?  First of all, the central theme is repeated so much that it’s hard to distinguish one song from another.  He should have thrown in a couple of love songs to his wife or something with a different subject matter.  Secondly, this is a mainly adult contemporary record that lacks the energy and drive of some of his other works.  I`m rating RESTORED 80%.  The CD includes some nice photos of Mr. Camp.  For more info visit: