Monday, July 11, 2016


FFH was originally known as Four For Harmony, an acappella group.  Eventually they became a CCM group known as Far From Home.  They shortened their name to FFH because a secular duo was using the name Far From Home.  FFH made their major label debut in 1998, after having released several independent projects.  VOICE FROM HOME was the group’s sixth major label effort (2005, Essential).   Group members at the time were husband and wife Jeromy and Jennifer Deibler, Brian Smith, and Michael Boggs.  Jeromy produced the record, with Robert Beeson and Conor Farley serving as executive producers.  The liner notes include these words: “We believe that the words on this recording are from the heart of God.  They are anchored in Scripture, but come in common language and with present experience of a God who still speaks.  Our prayer is that in listening to these songs you will be able to hear clearly and in a new way the only Voice that matters...The Voice from Home``.

First up is one of three Jeromy Deibler compositions, ‘The Only Hand You Need’.  It is an adult contemporary ballad that finds God calling His child back home: “You held my hand, we were a family/It was the only thing you’d ever known/But you decided to let go/And walk away/You bought the lie, you said goodbye/But My hand is the only hand you need/Why do you keep on looking up to find a sign?/It’s been right here all this time/O, Can’t you see/My hand is the only hand you need”.  ‘Great Big Problem’ is one of five tracks written by Jeromy and Mark Vogel.  It is a rock song that again finds God speaking to a prodigal: “You refuse to be/The one I meant for you to be/If you could only see how this is killing Me/You’d come back to Me and I would set you free.../I call your name, but it’s always the same/You walk away/It’s always the same”.

‘Well Pleased’ is a happy pop song.  In its liner notes you’ll find the following: “The Father’s love is based on who you are as a person, not your performance”.  The chorus goes like this: “You are the child that I love/In you I am well pleased (2X)/Nothing high, nothing low could separate you from me/You are the child that I love/In you I am well pleased/You’ve got nothing to prove/In you I am well pleased”.  Jennifer Deibler sings lead on ‘Can’t Let Go’ which finds God declaring His sufficiency and faithfulness to us: “Can’t you see I’m all you’ll ever need/It’s not that bad to believe/In something you can’t see/I can’t let go/I can’t let you down/I don’t even know how/You can run, you can hide/But you’ll never be alone/Cause I can’t let go”.

‘I Am Love’ has a slow R&B groove to it.  God speaks frankly on this cut: “I can see what you’re trying to do/Fill this space with another lover/You should know that I have feelings too/And we were made for each other/But one day this new lover will be gone/Like the rest it will be moving on/But I’ll still be here holding out my hand/I know it’s hard but try to understand”.  ‘Worth It All’ is a real self-esteem booster: “You are precious to Me, My everything/No matter what they’ve done I will restore you/You’re a masterpiece to Me/Only I can see that underneath the hurt and the pain is a picture of Me/You are Mine/You are loved/You have always been thought of”.

Michael Boggs and Belinda Smith wrote ‘It’s You’, a nice pop duet between Jeromy and Jennifer that reminds us how God views us: “You don’t have to wear designer clothes if you don’t want to/I don’t care what kind of car you drive, it won’t define you/I see past the surface, the glitter, and the gold/To the place that really matters to your soul/And it’s you, I’m in love with/It’s you, I want most/When it all comes down/It’s not what you do/It’s you, yeah”.  ‘Through My Eyes’ is a soulful tune that reminds me of Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well: “You’ve been searching everywhere to find that you’re still thirsty/If you would only drink of Me/You’d find that/You would be satisfied/If you could see it through My eyes”.

‘Grand Canyon’ is a lovely song that depicts God as very caring: “There’s a thorn you’ve been holding and you can’t, you can’t let it go/I wish that I could stop the bleeding/But you won’t, you won’t let it show/And I can’t wrestle with your demons/If you never let me see them/So, I’m reaching across the Grand Canyon/Hoping you will take My hand”.  Michael Boggs and Matt Shockley wrote ‘Take a Chance’.  It has a conversational tone: “I’m waiting on you/To tell Me all the things you’ve wanted to/You stare at the mirror in the dark/And wonder why you can’t see who you are.../I’m reaching out to you/I won’t save you unless you want Me to”.

‘Come Away’ is an easy listening ballad that encourages us to go deeper with God: “You’ve been standing in the stream, the water feeling nice/But it’s only up to your knees/It’s beginning to rise/Let it carry you away/Don’t worry, it’ll be okay/Oh, I’ll be right by your side/Come away with me to the mountain of your dreams/Come away with me, there’s something you’ve got to see/Come away with me (2X)/I will show you Who I am/And who one day you will be”.  The album closes with a spoken word piece entitled ‘Listen’ that encourages us to listen to God’s words about us.  It was penned by Jeromy and Rich Stevenson.

This is one of the best Contemporary Christian Music album’s I’ve heard in a while!  It effectively clearly makes the point that God’s love for us does not depend on our performance in life.  What a comforting thought that is!  God’s love for us is permanent.  Vocally and musically this is a solid and tight album.  I recommend it to fans of other Christian adult pop groups such as Avalon and Mercy Me.  I’m rating VOICE FROM HOME 100%.  For more info, connect with the group on Facebook.