Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The Proverbs originally began in 1967.  The original roster was Dave Daw, his brother Frank, and cousin Ken.  In 1983 when the Proverbs released DREAM COME TRUE the group was comprised of Dave Daw, his wife Kathy, and his sister Karyl.  Their website says: “The Proverbs have been voted Canada’s top mixed gospel group more than a dozen times and have also shared billings with many of gospel music’s top U.S. artists, including those who are regularly featured on the popular Gaither Homecoming video series.”  DREAM COME TRUE was a favourite of mine growing up.  It was recorded and remixed at Summit Sound Studio in Westport, Ontario.

The album starts off with a fun, upbeat number ‘Jesus is Your Ticket to Heaven’.  The song reminds us that our good works can’t earn us salvation: “You can buy a ticket for a boat and you can buy a ticket for a plane/You can buy a ticket for a subway/But you can’t buy a ticket for that heavenly train/You see Jesus is your ticket to heaven/Lord, it’s gonna be so nice/Jesus is your ticket to heaven/He’s already paid the price.”  ‘Who is on the Lord’s Side?’ has an old country music feel to it.  Lyrically, it points out that we can either serve Christ or the devil.  It’s a very important decision: “Now to God is granted all the praise and glory/For He gave His Son on Calvary to die/Oh and that same Son who gave His life on old Golgotha/Now tell me, who is on the Lord’s side tonight?/Who is on the Lord’s side among you?/Who will help us join in the fight?/Who is on the Lord’s side among you?/Who is on the side of the right?”

The easy listening song ‘He Came to Love You’ is next.  It speaks of how Christ can transform our lives if we only ask: “So if you can believe that you are the one He died for/And if you will believe that Jesus is Lord and Saviour/He’ll replace your grief with gladness/And give you joy for all your sadness/He’ll set you free/Don’t you know/He came to love you?”  ‘I’ll Just Lay it Down’ is a ballad of testimony: “I’ve carried this burden of sin for so long/Life scarcely had meaning for me/I was a prisoner to Satan and blinded by sin/Believing I’d never be free/But in my desperation I called on the Lord/At an altar where I prayed through/And the chains fell away like the darkness at dawn/And He told me just what I must do/I’ll just lay down and leave it/I’m gonna lay down and leave it/I’ll carry this burden no more.”

‘It’ll Be Alright’ finds the Proverbs in Happy Goodman territory.  It is a real toe-tapping song of rejoicing: “The Lord has gone away to prepare a mansion in glory for me/Someday by His grace I’ll see His face and I’ll live eternally/It could be on the land that I’ll shake His hand, in the air, or maybe on the sea/I don’t care as long as Jesus is there/It’ll be alright with me (3X)/Jesus saved my soul and I’m ready to go/It’ll be alright with me.”  ‘In My Robe of White’ is a rousing Southern Gospel classic that has been performed by Gold City.  This one anticipates the Rapture: “It’s gonna be a wonderful time when I get to the other side/And see my loved ones gone before.../We’ll be walkin’ on streets of gold/Surrounded by riches untold/When I first look at Jesus’ face/I know I’ll be safe in His amazing grace.”

The title track ‘Dream Come True’ is an inspirational song that again reflects on the Rapture: “And I rise into the sky as I fly away to my new home to reign with God in peace and love everyday/Then I wake in the morn/The birds softly singing/And the song of the night plays strong on my mind/And I smile as the sun shines brightly around me/Cause Jesus has come to call me away.”  1 John 1:9 reads: “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”  ‘The Sweetest Words He Ever Said’ is upbeat and uses fiddle to good effect.  It gladly tells of the total forgiveness Christ gives us if we just ask: “Well, if you’re tired of living with some wrong that you have done/Just come on home to Jesus/You know He’s the cleansing One/In His arms He’ll hold you/You’ll just begin to live/When you hear Him gently whisper ‘I forgive’/The sweetest words He ever said were ‘I forgive’/The sinner’s sin was wiped away and I could live/I like the part where He told about a mansion He would give/The sweetest words He ever said were ‘I forgive’”.

‘He Will Forgive’ recalls the New Testament story of the woman caught in adultery: “Now a woman was brought to Jesus one day/Condemned for the life that she lived/Her accusers said death was the price she should pay/But He said ‘I will forgive’/He will forgive/Live and let live/So if wrong you have done/Remember, He is God’s Son/He will forgive”  ‘Already Mine’ closes off the album and reminds us of our spiritual inheritance in Christ: “Now Satan may tempt you and offer his prize/But I’ll say ‘No thank you, it’s already mine/You see I became rich when He became mine’/I’ll say ‘No thank you, for everything is mine/Already mine, already mine/I’m an heir to His Kingdom and it’s already mine/My Father is rich, loving, and kind/I am His child (2X)/So, it’s already mine/It’s mine.’”

Dave, Kathy, and Karyl’s harmonies are great on this terrific retro release which features a nice mix of faster and slower paced numbers.  It should appeal to a wide age group and presents a clear Gospel message.  I’m rating it 88%.  For more info and to purchase please visit www.theproverbs.com.  You can catch the Proverbs in concert on August 18/13 at Camp Carrick (Walkerton) at 7pm.