Thursday, July 04, 2013


Brandy Allison grew up in small town South Carolina, the baby of blue-collar cotton mill workers.  She married a country boy named Josh, but they got into drugs.  Five years later they began delving into the Bible and were planning to start a family.  Brandy became a widow at the age of 27 on August 20, 2010 when Josh was killed in a motorcycle accident.  Brandy recalls: “In that instant, everything changed for me.  I surrendered my life to God, knowing that without Him, there was no way I could make it.”  She adds: “You hear all your life that God is with you, but when you have nothing left and there He is, you can feel the Truth.”  Brandy got clean and sober.  She was greatly encouraged by the music and message of Contemporary Christian artists such as Third Day and Amy Grant.  Of her new ep WALKIN’ ON FAITH (2013, Salvation Road Records), Brandy says: “Every song is a conversation, something I have to sing about, something I’ve experienced on this road to healing.”

‘Walkin’ On Faith’ is a R&B influenced pop song of surrender to God written by Jason Phelps: “I lay it all in Your hands/All my world, all my plans/Only You bring out the best in me/When I’ve made a mess of me/When my hope is almost gone/And I’m barely hangin’ on/I’ve taken just about all I can take/Suddenly You light the way/With Your grace/I keep walkin’ on faith.”  Eliot Sloan, Michael Lorello, and Alex Lacasse wrote the cheery sounding pop song ‘Trust in You’.  It offers a spiritual cure for insomnia: “It’s the middle of the night/I got too much on my mind/And I can’t find a way to fall asleep/I keep starin’ at the clock/And I swear it must have stopped/Till I speak Your Name and know You’re here with me/Ain’t gonna worry tonight/It’s not my fight/Cuz I put all my trust in You/I put all my trust in You.”

‘Your Word’ assures us of God’s faithfulness to us in the hard times: “Your Word is right there, yeah shinin’ like a beacon/When I’m hurt and I’m scared, I’m falling in the deep end/You give me hope, You give me strength/I know what I’m worth/When I turn to Your Word/Some days can be so hard to handle/But Your love is like a candle/Calling the broken/With Your arms wide open.”  ‘Like You Do’ is a danceable track with a very positive message: “I’m wakin’ up to see this beautiful sun/And look around at all the great things You’ve done/See you took my life and made it exactly what it’s meant to be/And there’s an old me I just don’t recognize/Before You came and put Your light in my eyes/I’m so glad that You’ve created a world that You made just for me.” 

Brandy’s first single was ‘My Hallelujah’ penned by Marti Dodson.  It was one of Christian Music Weekly’s Top 40 Inspirational Songs of 2012.  It is a song of praise and worship: “The poor, the sick, the lost, the weak/There’s no one Lord, You cannot reach/Deliverer of all good things/I will forever sing/My hallelujah/Hands to heaven/Every minute, every hour/I’m surrounded by Your power/Holy, holy/My King forever/Your mercy is a gift I’ll never earn/And all I have to offer in return (2X)/Is my hallelujah.”  A strong song ‘Soul Strings’ closes out the ep and reminds us that God requires true repentance: “While I’m on my knees/I feel Him tuggin’ at my soul strings/Askin’ me to put away the old things/It’s keepin’ me from growing closer to His love/I hear Him asking for my whole heart/I’ve never given Him the best part.” 

WALKIN’ ON FAITH was produced by Mark Ligget (New Kids on the Block) and Jerry Lane (Blessid Union of Souls).  It is dedicated to Brandy’s late husband, Josh.  Fans of other female inspirational pop artists such as Tammy Trent, Zoegirl, and Britt Nicole, should download this ep.  Brandy has a good heart and a nice voice to listen to.  I’m rating this ep 86%.  For more info visit: