Monday, July 08, 2013


We need more of this in evangelical Christian circles. More of what? Authenticity and honesty about what one believes about sexuality and other moral issues. While I don't agree with all of Ray's conclusions/beliefs I appreciate his vulnerability. Too often in Christian circles if one is not willingly fighting every area of sin in their lives, we right them off. We think "God could not be as pleased with them as he is with me and my other church members". Or we think "If that person really was a Christian and loved the Lord like they should, they would achieve total victory or at least be pursuing it". Truth be told, we all, whether we admit it or not have areas in our lives as Christians we probably justify. The Christian music industry is rampant with divorces and even remarriages. And churches accept common-law attendees. I long for the day when evangelical churches will have more openly gay couples in their congregations. Notice I did not s...ay I long for the day they condone homosexual activity. I just don't think we need to get so worked up about it and say that is the 'biggie' when it comes to sins. If most of us in the pews are honest, the likelihood is that some have had homosexual fantasies regarding men or women, and if studies are to be believed, a lot of Christians don't have it any more together when it comes to sex (thought life included), than non-Christians do. By alienating homosexuals from our evangelical churches, we are aiding in them finding acceptance in churches that no longer believe in Christ as the way to heaven. If we can find room in our churches for gossips, liers, properity teaching, materialistic people, and Christian celebrities, can we not look past someone's sexuality and embrace a gay/lesbian as our brother and sister. When we take the burden off of ourselves of playing God, God is given His rightful place. Please watch the following video interview of singer Ray Boltz: