Sunday, March 12, 2017


David Meece was born on May 26, 1952 in Humble, Texas.  His bio says he “distinguished himself as a child prodigy and began touring as a concert pianist at the age of ten.  By fourteen, he performed the Mozart Piano Concerto in F Major with the Houston Chamber Orchestra”.  He went on to tour internationally.  He gave his life to Christ while studying at the Peabody Conservatory of Music.  His debut album, DAVID, came out in 1976.  Fast forward to 1987, and he released CANDLE IN THE RAIN (Myrrh), on which he used six different producers including Gino and Joe Vannelli, Brown Bannister, and Brian Tankersley.

The album opens with the Gino Vanelli/Roy Freeland composition ‘All is God’s Creation’.  It’s an adult pop song of praise about God’s sovereignty: “All is God’s creation/Fashioned by one hand/Satan and salvation/Under one command/All is God’s creation/All is in His hands/A day of celebration/Is coming to this land”.  ‘Nothing to Forgive’ is a pop/rock song about not holding grudges: “And who am I to call you the guilty one?/Every man’s a sinner under the sun/Been through the fire/We been through the rain/They say nothing’s forever/But I say some things don’t change/You turned on your brother, you did what you did/But when you love someone/No matter what it is, when you really love someone/There’s nothing to forgive”.  ‘God Only Knows’ is a pop ballad that includes these words: “There’s a voice from a distant place/It calls my name/There’s a hand that pulls me up to a higher plane/There are mountains high to climb/And rivers deep to cross/Though His love may lead me blind/My soul will not be lost”.

‘The Water is Fine’ speaks of baptism: “You been high and dry and afraid to get wet/Take a chance on Jesus and wash your debts/Now hush your mouth and swallow your pride/Take a leap in the Jordan and come alive/Walk right in/The water is fine”.  Gino Vannelli and David Meece co-wrote ‘His Love Was Reaching’, a beautiful, inspirational song of testimony: “When I thought I had nothing, yet I had so much/Through the years that it seemed we were out of touch/His love was reaching/An invisible hand pulling me through/His love was reaching/Touching my life in more ways than I ever knew”.  ‘Amor Conquesta Todo (Love Conquers All)’ speaks of the events of Easter: “So, remember this/When you see a weeping willow cast its shadows on the leaves/It speaks through the wind and it tells of the Martyr nailed to its friend/And there on the willows we hung up our lives/But man could not kill something that cannot die.../Love conquers all”.

‘Higher Ground’ is a pop anthem that serves as a prayer for help: “I see the light on a distant shore but I’m too tired to row anymore/Won’t You give me the strength to get through the rain?/Won’t You show me the way to get home again?/Lift me up to higher ground/Lift me up, I’m sinking down/And I know the water’s cold and I might drown/Lord, lift me up to higher ground”.  David is the sole writer of the title track, ‘Candle in the Rain’, a pop ballad calling Christians to action: “Light a candle in the rain/Light an everlasting flame that burns the night away/Let’s burn the night away.../Frightened people, they need a second chance/Can you help them?”  Last up is ‘Hold On’ penned by Meece, Jonathan David Brown, and Lynn Barrington.  It’s a song of encouragement with Howard McCrary and Debbie McClendon on background vocals: “The Lord is bringing a turnaround/He’ll fight your battle on holy ground/Hold on for a miracle/Hold on, if it takes another day/Hold on for a miracle/Hold on, and a miracle will come today”.

CANDLE IN THE RAIN has 80’s written all over it, from the cool picture of David on the front cover to the musical sounds contained within!  Six of the nine tracks are upbeat 80’s pop music, while the remaining three are ballads.  These are songs sung by a man of the Christian faith.  Varying topics are presented, including: trusting all to God, God’s love for us, our call to be a light in the darkness, and our opportunity to forgive one another.  Fans of the musical stylings of Michael W. Smith and Billy Joel will find something to appreciate on this album, which I’m rating 94%.  For more info visit: