Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Delirious? released their first album under that name, entitled KING OF FOOLS, in 1997.  It was nominated for a Grammy and peaked at #7 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Christian Albums Chart.  It included the hits ‘Deeper’ and ‘History Maker’, peaking at #20 and #4 respectively, on the UK Singles Chart.  In 1999 they released their second album, MEZZAMORPHIS.  It peaked at #25 on the UK Album Charts and #2 on the Billboard Top Contemporary Christian Albums Chart.  In 2000 the band released their successful third album GLO (Furious?).  Martin Smith, Stuart Garrard, Tim Jupp, Jon Thatcher, and Stewart Smith were the group members at the time.  The album was produced by Tedd Tjornhom and the band.

Stuart Garrard wrote the first song, a modern worship one, entitled ‘God You are my God’.  It opens with the sounds of The Monks of Ampleforth Abbey and includes these beautiful words: “God, You’re my God, You’re my God (2X)/And I will seek You, yes I will seek You (2X)/You satisfy my soul (2X)”.  ‘GLO in the Dark Pt 01’ is an extension of the previous song.  It includes the vocal talents of Sharlene Hector and encourages us to: “Come into the house of God”.  Martin Smith wrote the lengthy ‘God’s Romance’, a pop/rock song of celebration: “There’s a song that everyone can sing/There’s a race that everyone can win/Leave your sadness, it’s our time to dance/Everyone let out your praise/People with their hearts ablaze/We’ve found Jesus/He’s our great romance”.  A choir is used.

‘Investigate’ is a rock ballad that cries out for purity: “Investigate my life and make me clean/Shine upon the darkest place in me/To You my life’s an open book/So turn the page and take a look/Upon the life You’ve made.../Investigate, I can’t wait/Excavate, recreate”.  ‘GLO in the Dark Pt 02’ is a creative continuation of the previous song, with great electric guitar work.  ‘What Would I Have Done?’ is a tender, reflective ballad: “Where do you go when you’ve lost the keys/When all is dead and you’re on your knees?/And in a world where its love betrays/There is a light that will save the day/Don’t go away/What would I have done?/What would I have done if it wasn’t for Jesus?/And what would I have become if it wasn’t for Jesus?”

‘My Glorious’ is a rousing modern worship anthem: “People, we believe that/God is bigger than the air I breathe/The world we’ll leave/God will save the day and all will say/’My glorious!’/Clouds are breaking, heaven’s come to earth/Hearts awakening, let the church bells ring”.  ‘Everything’ is a co-write between Martin Smith and Stuart Garrard.  It’s a commercial sounding pop song of testimony: “It’s a beautiful day and we’re running proud/And we’ll run to the line/Hear the witness cloud/I know it’s true/We’re gonna fly, we’re gonna dance/On that glorious day with You/You give me everything, give me  hope within/You’re the song I sing”.  ‘Hang on to You’ puts full confidence in our God: “Looking out like a little child/Holding tight when it all gets wild/And I’ll hang on to You/Nothing in this world will see me through/Only You/And I’ll hang on to You/Everyday I live, I give to You”.

‘Intimate Stranger’ is the album’s longest track at almost seven and a half minutes long.  It is a quiet and beautiful song: “Intimate stranger be my life/Jesus I love You/Jesus I adore You/Jesus, You still have my affection/And my song will be ‘I love You’”.  ‘Awaken the Dawn’ is a pretty worship song: “Sing to the Lord with all of your mind/With understanding give thanks to the King/Sing to the Lord with all of your strength/Living your lives as a praise offering/You are the Lord, the Saviour of all/God of creation we praise You/We sing the songs that awaken the dawn/God of creation we praise You”.  Bagpipes are used here and on ‘GLO in the Dark Pt 03’.

‘The Years Go By’ is an adult rock track that speaks of God’s faithfulness: “Looking back across the years/We’ve had joy, we’ve had tears/Hand in hand we’ve run the race/Gratitude for Your grace/Thank You every time You’ve led us through/Always You are the fire in me/The years go by and still I fly/On wings like eagle’s/You take me high where angels cry/Glory forever!”  ‘Jesus’ Blood’ talks of redemption: “There’s a secret I must tell of all the love I’ve found/And it’s hidden in my heart/The day You tore my world apart/Hallelujah, King forever, Friend and Saviour/Jesus’ blood never fails me (2X)/Jesus’ blood (2X)”.  Last up is ‘GLO in the Dark Pt 04’ which uses strings to good effect.

There are several lengthy songs on GLO making it a lengthy album, clocking in at 71 minutes and 43 seconds, but don’t confuse that with being a bore to listen to!  There is no filler here!  This is a modern rock worship record, with the majority of the songs praising and worshipping God for who He is and what He has done.  He has saved us and redeemed our tears and our lives, out of His great love!  He satisfies our souls, giving us hope, strength, and a song to sing.  The album also expresses a desire for holiness.  Musically, this is a cool, experimental project.  Fans of Switchfoot and U2 should acquire GLO, which I’m rating 100%.  For more info visit: www.martinsmith.tv or check out the band on Facebook.