Friday, March 17, 2017


Thousand Foot Krutch released their indie label debut SET IT OFF back in 2000.  In 2003 they followed it up with PHENOMENON (Tooth & Nail) on September 30th.  A bit before that, on July 22, 2003, FM Static released their debut album which I’ll be reviewing here.  It is called WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Two of the band’s four members at the time were also part of Krutch, those being Trevor McNevan (vocals), and Steve Augustine (drums).  On this side project they were joined by Justin Smith (bass), and John Bunner (guitar).  The album was produced by Aaron Sprinkle and executive produced by Brandon Ebel.  Sprinkle also provides additional guitars on the album.  The band thanks God “for blessing us with each day we have to do this”.
‘Three Days Later’ is a fun pop song: “Call up your friends and let’s go down to the beach/Bring your stereo and all your favorite CD’s/We’ll bring all the guitars, sit on top of our cars, and sing the night away/Just like rock stars”.  ‘Crazy Mary’ is one of the album’s three hit singles.  This pop song is about a troubled girl: “She watches the world pass her by like a freight train/And they all call her the same names, laughing as they point and stare at her/So she cries out to God up in Heaven/Been prayin’ since she was eleven for Him to send someone to meet her there/Maybe if I took a little time/Then she’d heal a little if she wants to”.
‘Something to Believe In’ is a pop/punk song of one seeking meaning and purpose: “I don’t wanna look, I just wanna find/Can you give me somethin’ to believe in?/Keep your religion, don’t need your lies/I’m just lookin’ for one good reason/I feel like it’s teenage hunting season and nothing out there sounds half decent/Who’s out there?/Who’s gonna save us?/Before we all fall through the cracks in the pavement”.  ‘Definitely Maybe’ is a story song: “I met a girl named Tara and she lived in the heart of America/She liked black caddies, listened to Puff Daddy, danced till her legs were sore/She worked around the corner at a diner with a grouchy owner/And her boyfriend’s shady, dates another girl named Katie/He loves her/Definitely maybe”.
‘Donna’ is a fast paced pop/punk song that finds a guy conversing openly with a gal: “Oh Donna/Won’t ya pick me up tomorrow?/I need to get out of this place I’m in and get my life in order/Although this world just might fall apart/I’ve got enough in my heart to get us started/Come with me, oh, I’m beggin’ you please/Or just say goodbye, cause this is the end of me”.  ‘All the Days’ is about a group of friends going off to separate post-secondary institutions: “This is the last day of our freshmen summer/Textbooks and essays wait around the corner/Saying goodbye now to our best friends/We’ll try if we can to get home on weekends.../Probably won’t see each other the same ways/But no matter what happens/I’ll never forget all the times we’ve had together”.
‘Hold Me Twice’ includes these words from a girl to a boy: “You can hold me once, you can hold me twice/Even better if the stars are good tonight/You can hold me, be my one and only”.  However, the girl ends up moving away: “365 days have gone by now and I could paint a picture of you/I see you every time I pass your locker/Remember the time we talked till 6 a.m./And I’m tired of missing you”.  ‘The Notion’ is a rocker about having a great time: “Let’s go!/Don’t say maybe/Forget everyone around/Let’s get together and get down/I know it sounds crazy/1, 2, 3 times a lady/Oh no, I’ve got the notion/Let’s get together and start the commotion/Round and round til everyone stops/Til the next needle on the record player drops”.
‘October’ speaks of a girl who ends up becoming famous: “I saw you in Cosmopolitan and your hair was down and everybody liked you/I remember way back when, way back in grade seven/Cause your hair was down and everybody liked you/You were a smart girl/Favorite day was Earth Day/Forget what those jerks say/I dug you in the worst way/No doubt, cause you even went out and bought me a Boyz-N-the-Hood soundtrack for my birthday”.  ‘My First Stereo’ is an ode to one’s music machine: “Somethin’ tells me I’ll never be close to another like you/Helped me through the things that we all go through/Everyone wants, everyone needs/Everyone hurts sometimes like me/It never rejects me, always accepts me/Nothing can compete with my first stereo”.  After a several minute lengthy silence, the album concludes with the hidden acoustic track ‘Hey Now’.  It’s about being smitten with a girl: “Every minute I’m not with you/I hope I’ll see you soon/There’s just something that happens when you walk into the room/And instantly I feel so complete/It hits me right about the time you kiss my cheek/And you give me this feeling/It’s like no other feeling/But it knocks me off my feet”.
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? is mainly a mainstream fast paced pop/punk music album, although two of the songs speak of a deeper spiritual meaning.  There are happy songs about infatuation and love, as well as songs that long for a gal, and one that reaches out to a hurting gal.  There is even a love song to one’s stereo.  As a side project of two TFK members, this album is a success, as it does not sound like the rock music that band puts out.  The lyrics here are not that deep and will appeal most to the teenage crowd. Fans of MxPx and Relient K should buy this disc. It’s a fun listen which I’m giving 85%.  For more info connect with the band on Facebook.