Monday, March 27, 2017


Kerrie Roberts’ origins can be traced to Miami, Florida.  She was born on January 1, 1985.  Her folks were a pastor and a church choir director.  She started writing songs while in high school and graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in studio music and jazz vocal.  In September 2005 she put out the single ‘It is Well With Me’.  Fast forward to 2010 and she released her self-titled full length studio album on Reunion Records.  It peaked at #27 on Billboard’s Christian Albums chart.  Producers used on the album were Rob Graves, Dan Muckala, Chuck Butler, and Brown Bannister, while Jason McArthur executive produced it.
First up is the record’s highest charting single ‘No Matter What’.  It was written by Kerrie, Chuck Butler, and Tony Wood and hit #9 on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart.  This pop song puts full confidence in God: “When I’m stuck in this nothingness by myself/I’m just sitting in silence/There’s no way I can make it without Your help/I won’t even try it/I know You have Your reasons for everything/So I will keep believing/Whatever I might be feeling/God, You are my hope and You’ll be my strength”.  ‘Take You Away’ finds Jesus speaking words of encouragement: “Oh, I’m coming to take you away/To the place where the pain won’t find you/I’m coming to take you away/So leave the weight of the world behind you/Oh, and you know/Nothing’s too far, nothing’s too hard/I’ll always be there/I’m coming to take you away”.
Kerrie, Rob Graves, Stephanie Lewis, and Bernie Herms wrote ‘Beautiful to Me’.  It’s a pretty worship song with strings arranged by David Davidson.  It reflects on Christ at Calvary: “I don’t deserve Your suffering/I should be the one who’s bleeding/But Your broken body gives this broken spirit what it’s needing/You reach through time with Your sacrifice/Your wounded hands holding this fragile life/It’s beautiful to me/Your holy mystery/I’m standing here in awe/Of how You make everything so beautiful to me”.  ‘This Love Doesn’t Run’ offers testimony: “You hold me now/Where I know that I belong in hands that heal me/And I know I’m finally home in arms that won’t let go”.
‘Keep Breathing’ is the only song solely written by Kerrie.  It’s a strong adult contemporary ballad of encouragement: “When every moment is almost more than you can take/You got to know some tomorrow/Will bring you a breakthrough.../Keep breathing, you’ll make it/Don’t give in, you’re not done yet/Sometimes all that you can do is keep breathing and believing”.  ‘Unstoppable’ is an R & B ballad of optimism: “Anything is possible, possible/You gotta believe and see that love is unstoppable/You can never go too far, never be too gone that you can’t turn it around/You will see that love is unstoppable/Keep going (2X)/Keep pushing (2X)”.
Kerrie, Jason McArthur, Cindy Morgan, and Jeremy Bose wrote one of the album’s other singles, ‘Outcast’.  Though it is under three minutes in length it packs quite a pop/dance musical punch.  It’s about going against the flow: “I’m not living for them, I live for something better/I’m not good enough/I’m not what they want/But let me tell you what/I know who I am/So just throw me out for not fitting in/I will stand my ground and be an outcast”.  ‘Maybe I’m Afraid’ includes these vulnerable thoughts: “Maybe I’m afraid to let it go and just accept the love You’ve spoken/Maybe I’m afraid of the way that I know You’ll fix everything that’s broken/Or maybe I’m afraid cause I don’t know who You are”.
‘Love Comes Down’ is an adult contemporary ballad that uses an eight person choir and reminds us that God does indeed care for us: “If you could only know Who loves you/Who feels your every pain/If you could only hear Him speaking/With a voice as sweet as rain/You’d know that He counts your tears/He holds them near, not one will go to waste/And the sorrow that weighs you down/Will float away”.  Ending things is a gorgeous worship anthem, ‘Savior to Me (Sing Glory)’.  Here’s the chorus: “Glory to the God above/Full of truth and endless love/He who is and was and always will be/I surrender to the One/Gentle and most powerful/Of all the things You are/You’ve chosen to be/A Savior to me!”
KERRIE ROBERTS is mainly a soft adult contemporary album with influences of R & B.  There are however, a couple of upbeat pop numbers and a couple of modern worship ones.  These songs encourage us to realize that God truly does have care and concern for us, whatever we are going through.  Also conveyed here, is gratitude for what God has done for us.  He redeemed us at Calvary and He is our Healer working all things for good in our lives.  Kerrie has a lovely, powerful voice and she is a beautiful lady.  I’m rating her debut album 93%.  Fans of Nichole Nordeman and Francesca Battistelli should have this CD in their collection.  For more info visit: